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  • NYSAA Updates

    · Available Resources
    Helplets (How-To Videos) are available at:
    DLM will be releasing videos on data cleanup in the near future.

    · Personal Needs Preference & First Contact Survey
    The February 29th date is the requested deadline for the completion of the PNP and First Contact Survey. This will ensure that the student testlets are available when the testing window open on March 21st. In the event that you miss the 29th deadline, the generation of the testlets will be delayed, typically a 24 hour delay.

    · Data Steward Manual
    Please use the online resource and do not rely on printed version to ensure that you have the most up-to date information. The Manual is available at:

    · Data Steward Accounts
    There is no Data Steward role within the DLM system. The responsibilities of the Data Steward Role is fulfilled through the District Test Coordinator Role.

    · Building Test Coordinator Access
    The ability for Building Test Coordinators to “exit” students has been corrected.

    · Non-Public NYSSIS IDs
    Information regarding the process for Non Publics to obtain NYSSIS IDs has been posted to datasupport. We will share direct communication with the Non Publics as well. Please feel free to refer folks to this information.

    · RIC Access
    Access for Regional Information Centers has been granted and we anticipate rights to be enabled by early next week.

    · Data lockdown – March 4th
    NYS’s data lockdown is March 4th. After March 4th any “roster” edits/changes will need to be submitted to the DLM helpdesk and will take between 5-7 days to process. Please see the information below to help distinguish what is/not allowable after the lockdown:

    NOT available during data lockdown

    Manage Enrollment Data
    · Upload an Enrollment File
    · Change Enrollment Data Previously Uploaded
    · Edit a Student Record Manually
    · Remove a Student from Educator Portal
    · Load a TEC File
    · Transfer a Student Manually
    · Transfer a Student Using CSV Upload Templates
    Manage Roster Data
    · Upload a Roster File
    · Change Roster Data
    · Create a Roster Manually

    Available during data lockdown

    Manage Enrollment Data
    · Add a Student Record Manually only for new student

    Manage Student Data
    · Complete Access (Personal Needs & Preferences) Profile
    · Complete the First Contact Survey
    · Edit previously entered FC and PNP

    Please send any questions to