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Cross Contract


The 37 BOCES located around New York State offer a variety of programs, some of which are not directly available through the St. Lawrence-Lewis BOCES. A local school district may receive the services of another BOCES through a cross-contract.  Charges for the services are determined by the BOCES offering the service. Please contact Patti Rowan-Lalonde at 315-386-4504, x-10159 with any questions.

To Request a Cross Contracted BOCES Service:

Step 1:  Superintendent of the school district requesting the service originates the cross contract form and completes Part 1.  Cross contract form is sent to Mr. Burns’ office for review.

Step 2:  Mr. Burns signs Part II and forwards it to the District Superintendent of the BOCES providing the service.

Step 3: District Superintendent of the BOCES providing the service signs Part III and distributes the completed form to the St. Lawrence-Lewis BOCES.  The charges for the service then get billed through the monthly BOCES billing.

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